LinkX® Silicon Photonics

Designed for Data Center Economics and High Volumes

Silicon Photonics started in 1989 and today is a new technology for building advanced optical transceivers and VOAs at low cost and in very high unit volumes to meet the demands of today’s hyperscale and high-performance supercomputer based data centers. By exploiting CMOS semiconductor manufacturing, Silicon Photonics integrates optical elements into silicon wafers using the same tools and manufacturing processes used for building CMOS ICs. This eliminates most of the costly and difficult sub-micron alignments between transceiver elements.

Designed entirely by Mellanox, our silicon photonics, 100Gb/s single-mode 1550nm transceivers and Mellanox-designed SiGe ASICs unique design provides lower-cost and better ROI than traditional solutions. The innovative design eliminates the need for expensive “gold box” hermetic packaging, active alignments, laser and detector sub-assemblies, lenses, and isolators that add to cost and manufacturing complexities.

Silicon Photonics is the key to future 200G and 400G single-mode transceivers in 8, 16, 32-channels, 50Gb/s NRZ & PAM4 and WDM with a path to 1.6 Tb/s devices.

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Technical Challenges for Silicon Photonics Transceivers for Data Center Applications

By: Arlon Martin, Sr. Director, LinkX Marketing, Mellanox Technologies
Abstract: Silicon photonics VOAs (variable optical attenuators) have been manufactured for the past several years in quantities of 100,000s per year. Can the lessons of high-volume VOA production apply to 100Gb/s silicon photonics transceivers as they scale beyond 100k units per year?

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