Case Studies

DUG’s Massive HPC Cloud Service Powered by Mellanox

DUG is an innovative technology company providing high-performance compute and storage, technical services, geoscience expertise, and geophysical software to the global HPC and oil and gas industries. DUG McCloud is a fully-integrated HPCaaS (High Performance Computing as a Service) that enables HPC and O&G customers to expand computational capacity whenever needed, with a fully-integrated hardware/software/services stack that enables DUG customers to “McMix and McMatch” according to their needs.

Afrihost Achieves 20-40% Cost-Savings by Adopting Mellanox Spectrum SN2000 Open Ethernet Switches and Cumulus

Afrihost’s infrastructure team sought to update its legacy platforms and hosting PODs to accommodate evolving trends and customer requirements. Afrihost adopted Mellanox Spectrum SN2000 25/100GbE Open Ethernet switches running Onyx and Cumulus Linux to build their network. Afrihost leverages Ansible-based automation with the open Linux-based environment to build a flexible, high performance and automated infrastructure with low latency, seamless availability and flexible architecture.

CFMS Adopts Mellanox Spectrum Open Ethernet and Cumulus Networks to Drive Agility & Automation - Disaggregated 25/100GbE Ethernet Switches Deliver Best ROI

The infrastructure and automation team from CFMS were tasked to update their high performance and agile data center. CFMS adopted Mellanox Spectrum Open Ethernet switches running Cumulus Linux to build their network. CFMS employs Ansible with the open Linux-based environment to build an agile, high performance and highly-automated infrastructure.

Accelerating Summit - the World’s Fastest HPC and AI Supercomputer

On June 8, 2018, the U.S. Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) launched Summit, clocked at 200 petaflops, as “the world’s most powerful and smartest scientific supercomputer.” Mellanox’s end-to-end EDR 100Gb/s InfiniBand solution provides the interconnect for Summit’s storage and inter-process communications traffic. Incorporating In-Network Computing technology that performs data algorithms within the network devices, it delivers ten times higher performance than CPU-centric computing, while enabling the era of “data-centric” data centers.

Building a Scalable and Efficient Data Center with Microsoft Hyperconverged Platform and Mellanox Networking

COPA-DATA is a leading developer of industrial automation designed to control, monitor and streamline geographically diverse manufacturing operations. To meet its current and future needs, COPA-DATA turned to SecureGUARD to design a high-performance and expansible rack-level converged appliance, based on the latest Microsoft technologies, and implemented on the most reliable and cost-effective Ethernet Storage Fabric from Mellanox Technologies.

Pooling NVMe within GPFS NSDs Achieves Unprecedented Burst Buffer Bandwidth Level

SciNet is Canada's largest supercomputer center, providing Canadian researchers with computational resources and expertise necessary to perform their research at massive scale. A joint solution combining Excelero's NVMesh with Mellanox's world-leading, end-to-end InfiniBand networking solution has enabled SciNet to build a petabyte-scale unified pool of distributed high-performance NVMe as a burst buffer for checkpointing.

Application of InfiniBand and Ethernet Converged Architecture in Seismic Processing and Interpretation System of Petroleum Industry

The seismic processing and interpretation system plays a crucial role in the petroleum production process, and its efficiency directly affects the productivity and economic benefits of petroleum companies. Mellanox InfiniBand and Ethernet converged solution significantly improves computing and IO processing capacities of the seismic processing and interpretation system at the investigation and research institute of Petro China, and greatly enhances the system efficiency.

Flash-based Virtualized Server Platform Connected by 40GbE Mellanox Switches

40GbE Mellanox Switches Unlock the Performance of All Flash Storage

Nutanix and Mellanox Simplify IT Infrastructure

A turnkey solution for compute, storage, virtualization and networking.

RozoFS and Mellanox Ethernet Switches Provide a High Performance Scale-out NAS Solution

Mellanox Ethernet products deliver high performance and low cost for the RozoFS cluster file system, linearly scalable up to hundreds of petabytes of storage.

StorPool and Mellanox Provide a Simple, Quick Solution for Cloud Builders

Mellanox Ethernet products reduce networking complexity when companies build their own clouds with StorPool's high-performance and scalable distributed storage solution.

Cloud Service Provider Delivers Better, More Reliable Service Levels Using Mellanox InfiniBand Products

Atlantic.Net, a leading cloud hosting provider that operates an industrial-grade, massively scalable, secure, and robust cloud hosting platform, delivers higher application performance at the lowest latency by utilizing Mellanox QDR 40Gb/s InfiniBand interconnect solutions.

REDIGO Redout over High-Performance Networking at National Laboratory of Legnaro (LNL)

Fast data transmission technologies - in particular optical - are being deployed on an unprecedented scale in the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) physics experiments era [1990-2009]. LHC is a collider dedicated to physics research, and it has been working from 2010 at the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) in Switzerland. Four experiments – A Large Ion Collider Experiment (ALICE), A Toroidal LHC ApparatuS (ATLAS), Compact Muon Solenoid (CMS), LHCb (bottom quark) - for particle and high energy physics are installed on the LHC ring and they are in a data collection phase.

Accelerating iSCSI SAN Storage with Mellanox End-to-End Networking Solution

Current data centers require frequent high speed access between server and storage infrastructures for timely response to customers. Web-based service providers, such as infrastructure as a service (IaaS) or platform as a service (PaaS), provide high speed access to their customers while keeping infrastructure costs low. For a costefficient and higher speed requirement, 40GbE infrastructure combined with software-based iSCSI storage provides the best solution.

NYSE Technologies Expands Access to High-Speed Market Data Delivery Over 10 Gigabit Ethernet using Mellanox Solution

The volume and pace of market data have grown considerably in recent years, caused by the surge in electronic and automated trading– more computers are placing more trades, taxing networks and challenging their ability to provide timely quote and trade data.Networking solutions from Mellanox complemented middleware solutions from NYSE Technologies to deliver lower latency even at higher volumes and sustain the performance through market data traffic spikes.

Creative Consultants Taps InfiniBand to Deliver Efficient GPU-based HPC Clusters

Creative Consultants LLC, is an Albuquerque based computer consulting firm that produces efficient performance computing for scientists and engineers. The company sought to push the envelope in the field by using GPUs in new and innovative ways, and sought help from Mellanox InfiniBand. The combination of InfiniBand and GPUs trumped everything else in terms of more bandwidth and reduced latency benefits.


Cloud Service Provider Delivers Higher and More Reliable Service Levels Using Mellanox InfiniBand Products

Founded in 2006, ENKI is a provider of managed cloud computing and offers its customers access to its shared cloud infrastructure. ENKI’s customers are typically Software-as-a-Service vendors & start-ups - companies that require a flexible cloud solution to accommodate growing demand for performance as the number of application users grows or as they need more resources for product testing.

By deploying InfiniBand end-to-end, PrimaCloud can support high volume and high-performance requirements, on demand, and offer service that scales as customers’ needs change and grow.


Cloud Service Provider Delivers Higher and More Reliable Service Levels Using Mellanox InfiniBand Products

Logicworks is a leading provider of highly reliable cloud hosting solutions. The company offers its clients managed cloud services with high service levels in the areas of high availability and increased transaction throughput. By utilizing Mellanox InfiniBand, Logicworks now provides its cloud customers a competitive service offering at a significant lower total cost of ownership compared to cloud services that utilize traditional Ethernet and/or Fibre Channel based network solutions.


Partners Healthcare Cuts Latency of Cloud-based Storage Solution Using Mellanox’s InfiniBand Technology

By integrating InfiniBand into the storage solution, Partners Healthcare was able to reduce latency close to zero and increase its performance, providing their customers with faster response and higher capacity.

International Super Computing

Mellanox InfiniBand Helps Smash SC09 Cluster Challenge for StonyBrook

Each year, SC features a Student Cluster Competition where undergraduate student teams compete against each other to perform scientific application benchmark runs on clusters. StonyBrook's student's ingenuity won the day, aided by Mellanox 40Gb/s InfiniBand connecting Dell systems and AMD processors.

Global Shipping Company Chooses InfiniBand to Maximize Data Center Efficiency and Increase Processing Capabilities, while Dramatically Reducing Costs

By implementing a solution based on InfiniBand technology, the customer was able to maximize the efficiency of their data center while significantly increasing their processing capabilities, ensuring greater reliability and scalability.

Due to the reduced number of servers and significantly less number of Oracle 11g RAC licenses, the TCO of the InfiniBand solution has the potential to save the customer approximately $2.6 million in hardware, maintenance, database and energy costs over a period of four years compared to a 10GbE solution.


Intalio and Mellanox bring InfiniBand Solutions to Enterprise Cloud Computing

Using Mellanox end-to-end InfiniBand solutions, the Intalio|Cloud Appliance benefits from a unified networking fabric that eliminates the need to deploy and manage multiple and low-performing networking technologies such as Ethernet and Fibre Channel. It reduces networking hardware acquisition costs by up to 50 percent and network management costs by up to 30 percent.

1st European Petaflop Computer in Jülich, Germany

On May 26, 2009, the Research Center Jülich reached a significant milestone of German and European supercomputing with the inauguration of two new supercomputers: the supercomputer JUROPA and the fusion machine HPC-FF. 40Gb/s InfiniBand from Mellanox is used as the system interconnect.

InfiniBand Technology to Speed up Dawning 5000A High-Performance Computing System

Mellanox ConnectX, the leading InfiniBand technology in high-performance computing environments, has been selected as the interconnect of choice for the Dawning 5000A, China‘s fastest supercomputer. ConnectX technology was the best choice because of its ability to meet the most stringent I/O performance and reliability requirements while keeping multi-core CPU overhead and energy requirements to a minimum.

TELCO Meets Datacenter Growth and Green IT Demands

The company sought a new datacenter architecture that would meet its short-term challenges while establishing a reliable, risk-free growth path. Mellanox InfiniBand provided 4X better performance and TCO savings of 90%.

Virginia Tech Taps 40Gb/s InfiniBand for Research Cluster

Mellanox 40Gb/s InfiniBand technology provides the necessary scalability and performance for the CHECS research activities and will be the foundation for the development of next generation, power-aware high-end computing resources.

Ecommerce Hosting Provider Drastically Cuts Server Provisioning Costs Using Virtualized InfiniBand-based Solution and VMware

The channel I/O interface available in Mellanox InfiniBand adapters enabled dynamic, software-based installation and removal of virtual NICs and HBAs and their associated virtual links, and would deliver the required quality of service needed to carry critical Fibre Channel traffic from the servers to the SAN, resulting in further time and expense savings through I/O consolidation.

Windows® HPC Server 2008 with Mellanox InfiniBand

Windows HPC Server 2008 combined with Mellanox InfiniBand interconnect adapters delivers computing performance that addresses the productivity and scalability needs of current and future HPC computing platforms.

Holland Computer Center

When the University of Nebraska Omaha (UNO) decided to build one of the world’s largest cluster computer systems, it combined InfiniBand interconnect technology with cutting-edge servers, storage, management, and power conditioning systems. The result was a system that easily placed among the 50 most powerful supercomputers in the world in the fall, 2007 Top500 test, and has the scalability to drive far more performance in the near future.

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