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Mellanox On-Site Interconnect Certification Service

Target Audience

Anyone who designs, configures, deploys, or maintains Mellanox-based Systems. This includes–but not limited to–design engineers, data center interconnect system technicians, technical support personnel, and service technicians.

Mellanox On-Site Certification Service

The Mellanox On-Site Certification Service provides an official solution for Mellanox partners and customers who want Mellanox to officially verify that their system follows Mellanox Interconnect best practices and high standards.
The service is available worldwide and is conducted on-site by Mellanox Service engineers.

The service includes 3 main parts:

  1. On-site system inventory review, diagnosis, prototype, and architecture review
  2. On-site performance tuning, network troubleshooting, and proactive maintenance
  3. Official certification

The service is offered at the customer’s premises or in the staging (manufacturing) sites and is beneficial for new installations and already running ones.

The Fabric Certification Service

The following services are provided with all deployments to ensure a stable environment prior to the conclusion of the delivery engagement.

Hardware: Switch(es) And Gateway(s)

  • Validate switch hardware health
  • Validate switch installed firmware and software
  • Validate Switch configuration
  • Review of recent switch logs using the “Mellanox Switch log analyzer” tool
  • Upgrade: Switch software and FW updated to current GA version
  • Configuration: configured per Mellanox best practices

Hardware: Adapters

  • Validate Adapters hardware health
  • Validate Adapters installed firmware and software
  • Validate Adapters driver configuration and protocol settings
  • Upgrade: HCA Driver and Firmware updated to current GA version
  • Configuration: configured per Mellanox best practices
  • Validation: all Mellanox hardware will be reviewed for faults

Hardware: Cable(s)

  • Validation: Mellanox cable quality will be reviewed
  • Validation: visual inspection

Subnet Manager (SM)

  • Validate the subnet manager health
  • Validation: the fabric will be reviewed for fault
  • Validate subnet manager configuration
  • Validate routing algorithm
  • Configuration: configured per Mellanox best practices including configuration of tailored routing solutions
  • Validation: the fabric will be simulated to identify weak links, loops and congested areas using the Mellanox internal dedicated simulator

Fabric diagnostics

  • Validation: the fabric will be reviewed and cleared of error per Mellanox best practices

Performance tuning

  • Review the network E2E performance running
  • Configuration: configured per Mellanox best practices

Escalation Management

Mellanox has established a formal escalation procedure to facilitate complex hardware problem resolution. Local Mellanox management coordinates problem escalation, rapidly enlisting the skills of key problem-solving experts throughout Mellanox.

Upfront Audit

Mellanox, at its sole discretion, may offer an audit on the services fabric. When offered, a Mellanox-authorized service engineer will contact the customer to arrange the audit to be performed prior to the on-site service. During the audit, key system configuration information is collected and an inventory of the covered equipment is performed. The gathered information allows the Mellanox service engineer to troubleshoot possible future hardware problems in order to expedite the necessary repairs.


In an effort to provide efficient Service delivery, the following prerequisites must be met:

  • Racked and installed servers
  • Racked and installed Mellanox switches
  • Connected cables
  • Installed OS on the servers
  • Installed HCAs

Please note: Mellanox cannot complete the SOW tasks if all of the prerequisites above are not met.

Changes to Scope

Changes to the scope of this SOW must be requested prior to the delivery phase of the deployment. Requested changes must be agreed upon by the designated Mellanox Deployment Manager and the customer. Changes outside of the scope of this project may require a purchase of additional Mellanox Services.



Mellanox’s maximum aggregate liability for all claims relating to this shall not exceed the sums actually paid by the customer. In no event shall Mellanox be liable for any indirect, punitive, special, incidental or consequential damages in connection with or arising out of this SOW.

All Services described and performed by Mellanox for and/or on behalf of the customer pursuant to this Statement of Work are covered by the above list.
The parties acknowledge that each has fully read and understood this agreement, and intending to be legally bound thereby. This agreement is executed on the date set forth above.

Frequently Asked Questions

When should I schedule my first Field Service Certification appointment?
To ensure that your environment stays current under annual certification requirements, schedule an on-site service before your system goes live or at least a year from your last on-site certification.
How often should my instrument be certified by Mellanox?
Mellanox site certification is certified annually by its accreditation to ensure it is complying with Mellanox’s standards. It is also important that you are certified annually by Mellanox to comply with these practice standards.
Which countries are visited by Mellanox for Field Service Certification?
Mellanox technicians visit most worldwide countries.
I have completed Field Service Certification on my Mellanox environment. How do I schedule Field Service Certification for future years?
Mellanox works with its customers that have had Field Service performed in order to proactively schedule future appointments. The Mellanox Service team will send you an advance notification 3 months prior to the next certification date
What happens if some of my equipment needs to be repaired?
All environment components are diagnosed as if found that some requiring repair during Field Service visit it should be RMA with the relevant vendor service department, for Mellanox product under warranty or under service contract Mellanox will process RMA and recheck once the equipment is replaced
Take advantage of the Mellanox advanced repayment service for quick equipment turn around
I know Mellanox offers service contracts on their units. Does Mellanox offer annual service contracts for Field Service as well?
Mellanox offers Field 50-hour Service time-based diagnostic package that covers annual Regional Field Service and any onsite action that require. Contact Mellanox for more details!

WW Certification GPS-SITE-TUNECERT-3
Format On-site / multiple sites (one on-site visit is included)
Length of the entire certification and tuning Approximately 3 days

For more information about availability, pre-requisites and pricing contact Mellanox Services department at services-sales@mellanox.com.


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