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Customers Choose Mellanox
Because Our Adapters
Just Work, Better!

The industry-leading Mellanox ConnectX® family of intelligent data center network adapters offers the broadest and most advanced hardware offloads, which enable the highest ROI and lowest TCO for Cloud, Enterprise, AI/ML, Hyperscale, Telco/Edge, and demanding modern workloads.

Mellanox vs. Intel Network Adapters

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Place Your Bet on Mellanox ConnectX

25G Ethernet has been building momentum in the market since 2017 and is expected to outpace 10G sales in 2021. Mellanox has captured the largest market segment share for high-speed Ethernet adapters with 65% of all ports shipped. A five times larger market segment share than Intel for 25G and up.

Mellanox's 25/100G Ethernet adapters improve the return on investment by offloading data-intensive processing operations to the Mellanox adapter, freeing the CPU to run application workloads. Our broad range of offload engines creates a competitive advantage for companies that choose Mellanox by improving operational efficiency.

ConnectX® Leaves Nothing on the Table

A wider variety of use-cases are demanding increasing amounts of network bandwidth, including virtualized servers, AI/ML, Big Data, and Ultra-High Definition digital media to support new services and functionality. Also, as storage workloads migrate to faster technologies like NVMe, they require accelerated data delivery.

Mellanox delivers advanced offloading and new features to meet the increasing demand for network bandwidth. Mellanox's time-to-market lead over Intel allows us to be first to introduce speed transitions and gives ConnectX a clear advantage in introducing innovative, mature feature sets. Mellanox delivers the enhanced features required by the modern data center.

Stack the Deck in Your Favor

Mellanox ConnectX Ethernet adapters are the performance leader, beating Intel in standard benchmarks for Ethernet performance including, 25% higher TCP throughput, 90% lower latency, and 25% lower CPU utilization.

Based on benchmarks, Mellanox holds a clear advantage in higher performance, lower latency and increased server efficiency and offers near line-rate performance compared to Intel adapters.

Download the quick reference guide for ConnectX-4 Lx verses the Intel XXV710 to learn more about the differentiation that sets the Mellanox ConnectX adapter apart from the competition.

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