Cloud Computing Providers Experience Best-In-Class Performance and Return-on-Investment with Mellanox InfiniBand Networking

Growth in Cloud Computing Adoption Driven by InfiniBand’s Scalability and Performance Benefits for Virtualized, Multi-core Environments

CLOUD EXPO 2010, NEW YORK – April 19, 2010 – Mellanox® Technologies, Ltd. (NASDAQ: MLNX; TASE: MLNX), a leading supplier of high-performance, end-to-end connectivity solutions for data center servers and storage systems, announced today that the company’s end-to-end InfiniBand connectivity products are quickly becoming the networking products of choice for cloud computing infrastructures. The growth is due to the inherent benefits InfiniBand provides in optimizing performance for technologies commonly used in the Cloud, e.g. server virtualization, multi-core CPU servers, and high-performance data storage. These benefits span industries and applications, private and public clouds, and apply for server-to-server as well as end-to-end connectivity.

“Cloud providers can gain significant competitive advantages by implementing dynamic infrastructures that enable them to improve service, reduce cost and manage risk,” said Jeff Boles, senior analyst and director, validation services at Taneja Group. “InfiniBand simplifies management, and brings better than SAN-like capabilities to every I/O interface, while reducing the number of interfaces, and for this reason, we see more providers building InfiniBand infrastructures today.”

“Advances in multicore technology, the proliferation of virtualization in commercial data and cloud computing centers all create new requirements for a more efficient network infrastructure,” said Cindy Borovick, Research Vice President for IDC’s Datacenter Networks service. “Today, in addition to delivering high bandwidth and low latency, InfiniBand offers a number of features including improved virtual machine performance and scalability that enable Cloud-based applications to achieve significant performance improvements.”

Examples of cloud computing companies and applications that utilize Mellanox’s InfiniBand include:

  • Private Cloud provider Logicworks uses InfiniBand to achieve unprecedented levels of I/O performance for Cloud-based storage management and disaster recovery capabilities.
  • Partners HealthCare chose InfiniBand over 1-Gigabit Ethernet to connect on-demand storage for its researchers. By integrating InfiniBand into the storage solution, Partners was able to reduce latency to close to zero and increase its performance, providing users with faster response and higher capacity.
  • The Intalio|Cloud Appliance, used for powering Intalio|Cloud On-Demand and Intalio|Cloud Managed-On-Premises utilizes InfiniBand because it delivers the speed, performance and computing power that are essential for enterprises that want to take full advantage of the Cloud. InfiniBand offers customers record bandwidth (40Gb/s) and unrivaled low latency (<1 microseconds). The Intalio|Cloud Appliance is ideally suited for a broad array of Cloud services while meeting the highest service level agreements.
  • ENKI’s PrimaCloud high-performance, high availability, enterprise-class Cloud offering uses Mellanox InfiniBand for end-to-end connectivity spanning servers and storage, giving PrimaCloud a way to deliver high-performance, on-demand services to its customers at a fraction of the cost. The Mellanox end-to-end InfiniBand network also maximizes PrimaCloud’s ability to meet and exceed service level agreements to its Cloud customers.

“Mellanox server and storage interconnect solutions have been designed to deliver the needed networking capabilities of bandwidth, latency and virtualization offloads for the Cloud infrastructure,” said John Monson, vice president of marketing at Mellanox Technologies. “With networking solutions that deliver 40Gb/s throughput, 1us server-to-server or storage latency, and sophisticated I/O virtualization capabilities, Mellanox InfiniBand technology enables Cloud providers to perform system provisioning, workloads migrations, and to support multiple user requests faster in the most efficient way, while simultaneously helping Cloud users to achieve the best return-on-investment as compared to other proprietary and standards-based interconnect solutions.”

Available today, Mellanox’s ConnectX®-2 line of 40Gb/s InfiniBand adapters expands the performance potential of Cloud-based applications and systems. The advanced 40Gb/s InfiniBand features in ConnectX-2 enhance data center productivity and service flexibility, reduce power and costs, and deliver the best return-on-investment and value for interconnect connectivity solutions. Together with Mellanox performance-leading IS5000-line of 36 to 648-port InfiniBand switch systems, BridgeX® gateway systems, FabricIT™ comprehensive switch management software and cables, Mellanox offers  Cloud providers the richest, most advanced and highest-performing, end-to-end networking solutions.

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