HPE StoreFabric M-Series SN2410M

SN2410M product images

StoreFabric M-Series SN2410M

  • Ideal TOR Leaf Switch

Product Description

  • SN2410M –
    • 24x25GbE + 4x40/50/100GbE
    • 48x25GbE + 8x40/50/100GbE
  • SN2410bM –
    • 24x1 or 10GbE + 4x40/50/100GbE
    • 48x1 or 10GbE + 8x40/50/100GbE
  • Typical Low Power 165W


  • Wire speed L2 and L3 forwarding
  • Low latency of 300nsec port-to-port 
  • Processing up to 5.95B packets-per-second
  • 16MB shared buffer and predictable wire speed performance
  • Predictable behavior with zero packet loss across all packet sizes


  • Ideal for modern server and storage networks
  • Breakout cables allows expanding 100GbE ports to further 10/25GbE

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