Open Ethernet Solutions

Mellanox Open Ethernet solutions are based on Spectrum™, the industry’s highest-performing Ethernet switch ASIC. They combine advanced, innovative hardware design with a rich set of software network applications and development tools.

Switch Systems

The Mellanox SN2000 series of Open Ethernet switch systems includes the industry’s highest density 25GbE and 100GbE switching capabilities in 1RU. The SN2000 series provides ideal spine and top-of-rack (ToR) solutions for modern data centers and storage solutions.

Product Description
Mellanox SN2700
32 ports of 100GbE; up to 64 10/25/50GbE ports w/ splitter cables
Mellanox SN2410
8 ports of 100GbE and 48 ports of 10/25GbE; up to 16 ports of 50GbE w/ splitter cables
Mellanox SN2100
Half-width, 16 ports of 100GbE; up to 64 10/25GbE or up to 32 50GbE w/ splitter cables
Mellanox SN2010
4 ports of 40/100GbE and 18 ports of 10/25GbE; up to 8 ports of 50GbE w/ splitter cables

Mellanox SN2000 switch systems are pre-installed with ONIE. This ensures that the switches are not locked-in to specific software. Moreover, users are free to change and re-install the switch with new and different software whenever they choose.

Switch Software

Mellanox provides users with full flexibility to select the solution that best fits their needs:

  • Turnkey Network OS
    o Mellanox Onyx or Cumulus Linux are currently available
    o Microsoft SONiC and OpenSwitch are expected in the near future
  • Native Linux
    o User choice of any standard Linux operating system (RedHat, Ubuntu, Fedora, etc.)
    o Free open source Linux applications and network routing protocol stacks can be used to configure, control and manage the switch
  • User’s own Network OS
    o Mellanox is the only switch vendor to support all three types of switch hardware abstraction models: SDK, SAI and Switchdev
    o Users may develop their own Network OS on top of each model

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