NPA-0™ Access NPU

5G NPU with integrated TM and CPU for Access Applications

Mellanox NPA-0 is a highly-flexible network processor with integrated traffic management targeting Ethernet network access platforms (ONT/OLT GPON/EPON), copper access platforms (DSLAM) and demarcation devices, and 3G/4G WiMAX base stations for aggregation and backhaul. The NPA-0 provides high integration, programmable packet processing and advanced flow-based bandwidth control at 5-Gigabit aggregate throughput.

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  • Single-chip, programmable, wire-speed network processor with 5-Gigabit aggregate throughput
  • Flexible processing with programmable packet parsing, classifying, modifying and forwarding enabled through integrated Task Optimized Processors (TOPs)
  • Integrated 5-Gigabit traffic management with hierarchical scheduling, supporting services defined by the Metro Ethernet Forum, e.g. MEF9 and MEF15
  • On-chip Fabric Interface Controller (FIC) functionality for direct interfacing to Ethernet fabrics enabling system-wide traffic management
  • Integrated hardware implemented search engines
  • Integrated memory for lookup structures, statistics counters and TM control structures. Optional extension to external DRAM.
  • Integrated TCAM for on-chip ACL processing
  • On-chip OAM protocol processing offload
  • On-chip IEEE1588v2 clock sync processing
  • Synchronous Ethernet support, ITU-T G.8261
  • On-chip MIPS34Kc core 650MHz for system control
  • Supports oversubscription beyond 5-Gigabit processing throughput by smart classification and handling of up to 10Gbps
  • Scaled-down version of Mellanox‘s NPA-1™ network processor targeting Ethernet access applications
    • Software compatible with Mellanox‘s NPA-1/2/3, NP-2®, NP-3® and NP-4 network processors
  • Line card, service card and pizza box applications
  • Fiber and copper Ethernet access switches
  • Ethernet demarcation devices
  • Wireless backhaul and base station aggregation (3G/4G and WiMax)
  • Copper access (DSLAMs)
  • Optical access (GPON/EPON OLTs and ONUs)

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