Multicore Development Environment™ (MDE)

Mellanox Multicore Development Environment (MDE) is a complete, standards-based multicore programming solution that enables developers to take full advantage of the parallel-processing potential of the Tile-Gx Processor™ architecture.

The MDE programming suite reflects a mix of the best of current open source tools and technology together with next-generation solutions designed for the large-scale manycore world. MDE's familiar development environment helps developers get their applications to market quickly, while the new tools help them take full advantage of the manycore processors Mellanox offers. With Mellanox MDE suite, developers can scale to larger and more complex manycore applications using its advanced collective views and profiling technologies.

MDE Components

Runtime Environments

  • Open source SMP Linux 3.x distribution
  • Zero Overhead Linux™ (ZOL) environment enabling Bare Metal, real time performance on Linux
  • Hybrid environment to run a mix of all available environments
  • Unified environment for all processors (9 to 72 cores) and TILEncore platforms
Software Stack
  • Open source Linux 3.x distribution
  • Standard C and C++ user space libraries
  • CentOS based 4000+ source RPMs included
  • glibc, binutil, Boost, stdlib and other libraries
  • OpenJDK 1.6 including all standard tools and runtime components
  • Full support for Perl, Python, PHP, Erlang, and TBB
  • High-performance kernel and user space PCIe drivers
  • High-performance low-latency Ethernet drivers
  • Hypervisor for hardware abstraction and virtualization
  • 64-bit Linux with support for 32-bit and 64-bit user space libraries
TILE Tools
  • Standard C/C++ GNU compiler
  • Robust Eclipse Integrated Development Environment (IDE) manycore application debugging and profiling
  • Standard debugging tools including gdb, valgrind, mudflap
  • Standard profiling tools including gprof, oprofile, and perf_events
  • Native and cross build environments
  • Complete system simulator and hardware development platform
  • GXIO Libraries to communicate with IO layers
  • GXCR Libraries for crypto acceleration
  • TMC Libraries for multicore deployment
  • PCIe API’s for optimized TILE to TILE and Host to TILE communication
  • PCIe NIC mode with PCIe hot-plug, SR-IOV, MSI-X and KVM Hypervisor Support

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