TILE-Gx™ Family of Multicore Processores

Mellanox offers several application packages featuring production deployed code to help its customers simplify and accelerate their development efforts and expedite the time-to-market of their system products. Mellanox provides the production quality software along with source code and detailed documentation, allowing system vendors to easily and quickly introduce new and differentiating features as well as support changing standards over time.

Mellanox’s TILE-Gx multicore processors enable platforms that can deploy standards based application packages built on Linux or other supported operating systems. Mellanox provides optimized software packages for our target markets based from either open source projects or in some cases Mellanox’s ART or tStack frameworks. The solutions feature optimized networking stacks and target applications for focus market areas.

All of Mellanox’s TILE-Gx multicore processors are software compatible enabling easy code migration when scaling the system capacity or building different classes of products.

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