Turnkey Solutions

By partnering with the technology leaders in the field, Mellanox offers complete end-to-end Machine Learning solutions that can be easily implemented according to a company's specific business needs.

Machine Learning platforms rely on exceptionally fast, efficient, smart networks, such that Mellanox is the ideal partner for today's Machine Learning software developers. By leveraging Mellanox high-performance architecture and high-speed interconnect solutions, along with GPUDirect RDMA and advanced Machine Learning software, companies can realize all the benefits of Machine Learning in an efficient turnkey solution.

Mellanox's turnkey system is a full, ready-to-use solution with the flexibility to be applied to various data sources, such as:

  • Transactional data analysis for fraud detection
  • IoT data analysis for anomaly detection and behavioral analysis
  • Law enforcement data analysis
  • Commercial and location-aware transactions
  • Many more

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