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See How Guardicore and Mellanox Unleash the Full Potential of Micro-segmentation

Enterprise data centers are undergoing a transformation – infrastructure virtualization, adoption of cloud-native applications, the rise of microservices architectures, and the rapid growth in east-west communications. These all pose challenges to existing security models, often leaving enterprises vulnerable to attackers trying to gain a foothold before moving on laterally within enterprise networks. This transformation has fueled the need for visibility and further segmentation of east-west data center traffic known as micro-segmentation.

By looking at the prominent zero-trust security solutions we can see that security professionals acknowledge the drawbacks of traditional firewalls and VLANs for network segmentation in modern data centers. In short, micro-segmentation has emerged as the solution of choice by enterprises to gain better security, provide individual workload isolation and protection, reduce risks and simplify security management.

Watch Guardicore and Mellanox experts to learn how Mellanox BlueField SmartNICs unleash the full potential of micro-segmentation, including:

  • Agentless micro-segmentation – no need to install agents on servers
  • Unmatched performance – security enforcement in hardware at full wire-speed, no impact on server performance
  • Full isolation – segmentation operation is fully isolated from the user’s workload


Ron Shahnovsky, Director, Product Management, Guardicore
Ron is responsible for various technical aspects of the product, including distributed software and system infrastructure. Ron is a cyber security expert with over a decade of hands-on experience in the cyber security industry, in research and development roles. Serving as a captain in an elite IDF Intelligence unit, Ron brings unique capabilties to understand the various angles and methods for minimizing security risks, and insight into building advanced technology, and identifying mitigation of potential issues.

Ariel Kit, Director, Product Management, Mellanox Technologies
Ariel manages Cybersecurity for Mellanox’s adapter product line and BlueField IPU software solutions for SmartNIC and storage controllers. Ariel brings more than 6 years of experience in product development backed up by over 12 years in R&D managerial roles.

Itay Ozery, Senior Product Manager, Mellanox Technologies
Itay drives strategic product management and product marketing initiatives for Mellanox’s cloud networking solutions. Itay has led large-scale business and projects in the fields of cyber security as well as held various positions in IT systems and networking with data centers and telecom service providers.

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